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Solutions and Applications

Nowadays with the wide variety of available acoustical products, it is critically important to choose the right products for your facility and your budget.

We are committed to provide state of the art acoustical consultancy services within cost effective budgets to our clients. We provide our consultancy services for both new construction as well as a renovation. Whether the project is in the design stages needing a review of potential acoustic issues or there is an existing noise and vibration problem requiring measurements, recommendations, or an expert opinion, we offer a variety of services based on our expertise and field experiences.
You can find below additional details of our services by clicking the images. Otherwise, please contact us for more information.

Heights Classic Pub

We all have been in quiet pubs and noisy pubs.

Conference Room with more than 20 seats

Speech intelligibility and privacy is critical in large conference rooms, the larger the room, the longer the acoustic.

Jad’s Recording Studio

Just because you have a nice condenser microphone and expensive studio monitors.. great sound comes automatically.

Republique Beirut Studio

Creating on-brand digital, video, photographic, and editorial content is never completed without good acoustics inside the studio.

Nay Studio

In this studio, different acoustic panels were added to the walls and ceiling because no matter how good the microphone, preamp or recording system, unless the acoustics are balanced, your recordings will not translate well when played back on other systems.


Church acoustics is what happens to the sound after it has been launched from the speaker, to insure that the people who are supposed to hear the sound, actually get to hear it.

Beirut Arab University

A huge part of the audience's experience in your auditorium design will be the acoustics. The ideal acoustic environment in an auditorium is one where the visual and auditory experiences are both captivating, intimate, and efficient.

Alfa Canteen

The canteen was suffering from a reverberation problem which was caused by a large number of hard surfaces including ceilings.

ABC Mall-Verdun

Effective vibration isolation is often much more challenging than expected because the structural dynamics of the substrate, and the isolated structure, also affect the isolation performance due to structure born noise.

Centro Mall

In this mall we designed, supplied and installed a floating floor for the roof in order to attenuate the airborn noise emanated thru the slab with our intervention in vibration design and selection.


The roof of the university was a kind of mechanical room it includes 3 chillers, transformers, MEP rooms and 2 generator of 710KVA. and directly below the roof the admin offices were located.

Kempinski Hotel Aqaba Red Sea

The degree of quality in the treatment of vibration and noise allow you to get exclusive added value to the hotel industry.

Gresam's Office

Gresam’s acoustic panels can instantly and elegantly transform the acoustics of your meeting room

Our Projects

With +120K Projects Completed

Gresam works with you to plan the most effective sound and noise control treatment for your specific applications. With the wide variety of acoustical products available, it is critically important to choose the right products for your facility and your budget.

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