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ABC Mall-Verdun

Effective vibration isolation is often much more challenging than expected because the structural dynamics of the substrate, and the isolated structure, also affect the isolation performance due to structure born noise. As well the airborn noise emanated from inside the power plant directly thru the surfaces or boundaries can results an annoying ambient for the spaces around the power plant in 360 degree.   
The power plant in ABC Verdun includes 8 generators each of 2 MW and 24 huge axial fans, where the required noise criteria was 55dBA at 3m from the exhaust hot air plenum, 63 dBA from the inlet fresh air attenuator and the most stringent criteria was directly above the power plant and inside the retail stores of NC35
In order to chieve all the above criteria a Box in a Box system including floating floor with internal sound insulation and sound attenuators were designed, supplied and installed by our team.

The roof of the mall was a kind of power plant or a manufacture and it includes 13 chillers, transformers, MEP rooms etc.. and directly below the roof a cinema’s were located and the require noise criteria inside the cinema was NC 25. A floating floor were executed with our intervention in vibration design and selection in order to achieve the required criteria.  

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